Enjoying the Postseason When Your Team Doesn’t Have a Postseason

I am a happily spoiled fan and, more often than not, I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of rooting for the Angels for at least part of the post season since I came back to baseball (long story, see my bio for the Reader’s Digest version). Not this year, of course *sigh*, but more often than not. If or when the Angels don’t make it to the next level of play, I usually “adopt” the team I like the most players on to root for because it’s October. The League Division Series. The League Championship Series! The World Series!! The last little bit of Major League Baseball that has to tide us over all the way until April!!! How can I not watch? And what fun would it be just to watch if I wasn’t rooting for someone? Couldn’t do it and not much fun at all, that’s for sure.

This season I adopted the Giants, to the endless delight of all of my Giants fanatic extended family and more than a little groaning from my immediate family who are, now and forever, citizens of Dodgertown. Yes, I am quite the odd woman out around the Thanksgiving table with this bunch, but I digress. While the postseason would obviously be a lot more fun if the Angels were in the thick of things, it has still been a lot of fun. Watching this Giants team feels very familiar to an Angels fan. Giants fans actually gave this combination of serious skill, occasional gaffes and luck on both sides of the spectrum a name – the Torture. Though Angels fans have not been as creative, I think we all get it, perhaps more than any other team’s fan base could.

The thing is, when it isn’t really your team you’re rooting for, it may be a lot of fun, but the same passion just isn’t there. I’m rooting for the Giants. I really am. I want them to win, but if the game is on too late (we watch it on delay because of our work schedules), I have very little problem stopping the DVR, checking the final box scores and going to bed. That would never happen with the Angels except under extremely extenuating circumstances during normal league play, let alone during the postseason. With only borrowed skin in the game, as it were, I can completely admire Josh Hamilton’s amazing diving catch last night in the second inning for the thing of beauty it was, without the deep growl I would usually add when he does this against us. It’s just different.

But, when your team doesn’t have a post season, what’s a girl to do? Watch basketball? *cue uproarious laughter* I think not. So, go Giants…for one to three more games, anyway.

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