And I Was Having Such a Nice Evening Too…

When the Nationals upset everyone’s plans by landing Jayson Werth, unexpectedly and so very, very early, I was worried this would happen. When the Red Sox signed Adrian Gonzalez I was somewhat relieved but still concerned. And, wouldn’t you know it, golly gosh darn it all to heck in a forking hand basket and other similarly lengthy strings of appropriate-for-the-family-show-that-is-MLBlogs swearing, the goram Red Sox went and signed Carl Crawford. Grrrrrr…er…I mean, well played Mr. Epstein. Well played. The Sox are going to be tough again this year. No, on second thought, grrrrrrrrrrr really covered it better.

Well then, moving right along. Mike Scioscia and Tony Reagins met with the press on separate occasions yesterday afternoon and my original plan for the evening was to blog about their – unsurprisingly similar – comments. Gotta love Hot Stove…and, actually I do. I’m just not particularly in love with it tonight. Although typically noncommittal, both Scioscia and Reagins did say that bumping up the Angels offense is the primary goal for the off season. Reagins indicated that this could be accomplished by either trades or free agency acquisitions or a combination of the two. When the subject of the Angels trying to land Crawford came up, he was evasive but didn’t outright say no the way he did with questions about the Angels making an offer to Cliff Lee. He later tantalizing said that signing one great free agent or signing two very good ones could be similarly beneficial.

Scioscia and Reagins said that the Angels would be perfectly comfortable heading into the 2011 season with third base as it stands now – manned by a platoon of primarily Maicer Izturis backed by Alberto Callaspo and Brandon Wood. I completely disagree with being comfortable with the third base situation, incidentally. Maicer really is the Rally Monkey. When he plays, he makes things happen, at the plate, in the field and on the base paths. It’s just the “when he plays” part that is the difficulty. He is plagued by injuries that leave him on the DL for significant stretches two and three times a season. Callaspo made some great plays for the Angels and had some fantastic plate appearances but his glove and his bat are inconsistent. And Brandon Wood? I am sure you already know all about his well publicized issues. I wish it were different, really I do. If only his major league success matched his heart and his desire, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But that just isn’t the case and he hasn’t worked out in spectacular fashion. But I digress…

Reading between the lines of all of these comments, which is always dangerous, I believe that signing Crawford and keeping the three-way third base platoon was Plan A. With Plan A off the table, I believe that signing Adrian Beltre and possibly one other person and sticking with an Abreu, Bourjos and Hunter outfield is Plan B. Lyle Spencer,’s Angels beat reporter, seemed to be leading us toward these conclusions, though I’m hardly certain that’s any less dangerous than just reading between the lines for myself. But it’s fun to speculate and it’s not like they’re going to give us any more information to go on until the deal, whatever it is, is done.

Come on Mr. Reagins. Make a move please, a really good one…a move the player accepts even. Let’s not have all of the off season surprises coming at the Angels expense, shall we. Impatient? Who, me?



  1. raysrenegade

    Still in a bit of a haze and moving more like a zombie right now knowing that CC sold his proverbial soul to the Red Sox Nation. Not sure how to react without tossing all my CC collectible out into the road and watch them perish….But I digress.
    At least the Angels can now go full bore ahead after Beltre knowing the Red Sox can not, will not possibly still have the coinage to take him too. Maybe even throw in closer Rafael Soriano and his MFIKY (Mother Fricker, I Kill You) persona as a cherry on top of the windfall from the Crawford WMD explosion.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Jane Heller

    I agree with Renegade that the Angels will (and should) go after Beltre now – whatever it costs. He played great with the Dodgers so he clearly likes the California air! Condolences again about Crawford. I wish you guys had gotten him out of my division!

  3. blithescribe

    I’m sure it hit you and the Rays fanbase much harder even than it hit us, Rays Renegade. We wanted the opportunity to embrace him as an Angel, you’ve already spent years cheering him on. I wouldn’t throw out the collectibles. I know we Angels fans have a bad rep for this, but you can’t really hate a guy for seeking out the biggest paycheck possible, especially when it’s viewed as an indication of one’s worth as a player…being very disappointed, well that’s another thing, of course.
    Thank you Jane! I sure hope they go for Beltre and don’t pussyfoot around on their offer either. I can’t believe that 7 years is becoming the standard for contracts this year, but if the teams are willing to pay it, then that’s what the players are worth. I noticed the Yankees added a 7th year on their offer to Lee and I think they’re wise to do it.

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