Apparently Those Mid-Season All GM Diplomacy Tournaments Paid Off

First the Nationals, then the Red Sox and now, apparently, the Phillies have pulled off a completely unexpected out of left field, or in this case the Bullpen, deal. Cliff Lee. Wow. All this time, I thought that the secret unnamed suitor was sort of a joke, part of the general circus atmosphere and most likely the Nationals anyway, but it was serious. I think we now know the reason Cliff Lee has been off hunting deer all this time – he couldn’t trust himself not to break out in a big Fooled You! grin…much like Carl Crawford, apparently. (Tony Reagins, I take back most of my griping about you, on the Crawford issue at least.)

Yeah, so there I was, diligently writing my company’s newsletter (Yes. Still. At just shy of midnight. Why do you ask?), enjoying a lovely glass of port (Mitchella Vineyards Riportella III – tawny, brandied cherries, slightly spicy, absolutely gorgeous – and, yes, de rigueur when one is still writing one’s company newsletter at just shy of midnight), when on a whim I decided to glance at a few of the MLBlogs until the latest fit of I-don’t-really-want-to-be-writing-about-HR-issues-at-this-hour-on-my-own-time-thank-you-very-much spawned stuck-ness passed. And, much like Wednesday evening, I was left briefly wondering if I didn’t somehow check out The Onion by mistake. Nope, no joke. Lee’s a Phillie, again. (So, Yogi, gotta ask. Would that be déjà vu all over again or just plain ordinary déjà vu?)

I’d be lying if I said I was sorry the Angels won’t have to face Lee in 2011 unless all parties involved have an excellent post season run…and, with Tony Reagins’ latest announcement that having a full season with Kendry Morales and Dan Haren in addition to the two pitchers he has acquired is the equivalent of pulling off four free agency signings, the early odds on the Angels achieving this feat aren’t looking as good as I had hoped. Sorry Tony, I still really have to disagree with you on that one. But I digress (Yes, I am on my second glass of port, why do you ask? LOL!)…

I do offer my sincere condolences to my friends on MLBlogs, especially the Yankees and Rangers fans, who were hoping their team would snag Cliff Lee. We all know what it is to root really hard for our guys and what it is to be extremely disappointed when they don’t get what we most want them have. As one sometime, and recently oft, disappointed fan to another, I feel your pain. To borrow loosely the wisdom according to Scarlett O’Hara, that greatest of all pragmatists, Tomorrow is another day. You can stand it then. And later there will be small satisfaction in knowing that you won’t have to face him unless it’s in the post season either.



  1. westcoastgirl

    The Phillies are going to be one heck of a team to beat next year, that’s for sure. Still, it’s nice to know that Lee didn’t follow the money anywhere, but chose a team and a city he wanted to play for. I just hope the Giants pitching stays strong enough in 2011 to beat Philadelphia again!

  2. raysrenegade

    Starting to think this off season is the year of the underdog.
    Not so much as a team concept, but for the eventual landing of a player you least thought would pick a certain franchise. Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth all picked teams that seemed to be on the outside looking in during the process.
    But maybe that cloak of mystery and staying on the outer fringe won them their ultimate prize.
    But all three signings can be viewed as a blessing or a curse, depends on which leagueor division you are playing at the time.

    Rays Renegade

  3. junojen

    Hi, Kristin —

    I saw your comment on Jane’s blog and wanted to come over and introduce myself. Based on your profile picture and your comment about drinking port while writing your company newsletter, I am convinced we are soul sisters. hehe!



  4. blithescribe

    Jane – I like your addition! I was pleasantly surprised to see that MLBlogs did not censor your Rhett Butler quote like the Hayes Code almost did to the movie, LOL.
    WestCoastGirl – Oh wow, they are going to have an absolutely killer starting rotation. Although, the Giants did prove that all of those guys are hittable if you work at it. It was nice to see a player seemingly follow his heart instead of the largest check…although I’m not dissing following the largest check either. I think it’s hard for anyone to turn down the largest check in their respective industries so I understand players who do that too.
    Rays Renegade – Underdog or cloak and dagger, that’s for certain. As much as I am disappointed in at least one of the outcomes, I have to applaud the front offices who played the game so skillfully. At least it’s been anything but boring to watch I suppose. Fortunately the season is too long and too far away to assess blessings vs. curses at this point, I think.
    -Jen – Pleased to meet you. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Folks who like baseball, port and writing are especially always welcome 🙂

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