Michael Young, Young Catchers and Catching Angels  Events

Michael Young? No, thanks. None for me please.
So Michael Young has had all he can stand and he can’t stands no more and he’s asked to be traded. I can’t say that blame him really, not that I blame the Rangers either. The team is making good deals but I can only imagine what went through Young’s mind when they signed Mike Napoli after he had already agreed to move to DH for Adrian Beltre…the All-State Insurance commercial with Mayhem as the distraught, dumped teenaged girl, however, does come to mind. It sounds to me like he’s headed for the Rockies. Of course, the being the media’s front runner hasn’t meant a whole lot this offseason, so you just never know and there are other teams – and other teams fans – who want him badly.

I may be in the minority, but I don’t want him for the Angels. He’s a stand up, team player kind of guy and I would love to have a bat like his in the lineup. But defensively he’s no better and possibly not quite as good as what we’ve already – which is not to say that the Angels third base options couldn’t use some defensive improvement. For me, Young’s bat alone doesn’t justify the players we would have to give up -and then face again, and again and again in Texas – to get him. Another team could make the trade and be happier and better for it, but I just don’t think the Angels are the right fit.

Young Catchers Trend Continues in 2011
MLB.com had a great article today about the large group of talented young catchers who should see some major league playing time next year. It was nice to see that the Angel’s Hank Conger prominently mentioned and frequently quoted. Conger impressed me behind the plate last season. If he can find his bat against major league pitching this season and find it quickly, he could really go places. Conger was even one of four catchers included in the photo when the article was highlighted on MLB’s front page this morning, before the news lit up with speculation about Pujols and Young. The photo was actually a montage of four tall, skinny photos, one of each catcher in a different crouch or catching position. Of course, when I was trying to explain this to my husband this evening, what I came up with was that it looked very Charlie’s Angels, actually, but with photos instead of silhouettes and mitts instead of guns. Sadly this was apt and he knew exactly what article I was talking about from this description. We both laughed a lot.

Why must all of the fun events happen during the week?
The Angels open house? All of the press conferences? And now the Inland Empire 66ers Affiliation Celebration – celebrating the Angels new advanced A affiliation? (Basically, the Angels and Dodgers traded advanced A teams in the offseason.) I actually do get why so many of these things take place during the week but I would love to be able to go to one or two of them. Oh well, that’s one of the many beauties of baseball. There is always next season.



  1. redstatebluestate

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I feel sorry for the multimillion dollar man (Young). No one seems to want him…. or, at least his salary. I have a similar quandary in that no one wants to pay me what I’m worth… so I guess it’s the opposite… and now, with that bit of therapy worked out here, just now, I don’t feel sorry for him anymore. Oh well!

  2. Phillies Outside

    The movement of Young is somewhat mystifying, I am not sure too many teams will want to pay the money for a DH and if he wants an NL team they’d only consider him as an outfielder, so it looks like Texas is stuck with him, at least till July anyway…


    Phillies Outside

  3. Jane Heller

    I’m with Jeff (at least until he had therapy – lol). I feel sorry for Young, money or not. The guy has done everything the Rangers have asked him to do over the years and he’s done it well. He’s a really good player and teammate. He deserves to land somewhere and be valued. The Rangers have pushed him around long enough.


  4. blithescribe

    Jeff – Well there you go. Therapy is but one of the many services we offer here at TIAVSG.
    Peter – Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! What you say makes a lot of sense, but then again teams have made stranger and more expensive personnel decision this winter, so who knows.
    Jane – I’m definitely not picking on Young. I completely understand why he wants out and I too hope he lands somewhere good…just not with the Angels. I think there are other teams that could really benefit from what he has to offer and do so by trading players whose skills are redundant on the current roster rather than crucial.

  5. crzblue2

    I know what you mean about the week events. The Dodger Caravan is next Monday and Tuesday so I asked for vacation days.
    There was an event I was going to go (because I LOVE Mike Scioscia from his playing days) and talk about in my blog but I never found the time. The event was a dinner in Monrovia last Saturday for the Boys and Girls Scouts. I was still coughing too much my cold so I could not go. Oh well. I still get emails from the Inland Empire so I knew about that event but it is so far. Hope you can make it to a Spring Training game. I am going to the Dodger Angel home opener at Camelback Ranch, GD.

  6. blithescribe

    Emma – It’s rough to have to spend your vacation time for weekday events because it gets used up so quickly, but it does sound like you will have great memories. And yeah, Dodgers fan or Angels, you’ve got to love Scioscia! Sorry you had to miss the event. It sounds like a good one. I would love to go Spring Training this year, but I think next year is more likely when I will have more vacation time for Spring Training, weekday events and whatever else I want it for.

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