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My plan for this evening was to post a lot of photos and fun stories from today’s Angels Fanfest and exhibition game against the Padres. Unfortunately, I missed them both. My husband and I have been burning the candle at both ends and at a couple of points in the middle just for good measure for a few weeks now and this morning it finally caught up with him – he woke up too sick and headachey to do anything. I am a diehard baseball fan but I am a diehard wife first…okay, that makes me sound like a car battery or like I should be saying yippee ki-yay mother etc., but you get the general idea. Suffice to say, we stayed home, I took care of him and I wound up watching the game on the living room sofa, whooping and cheering between a snoozing husband and two snoring cats – yes, they snore. Louder than most people. It’s a little disturbing. As disappointing as this was, it really only means 12 extra days until I get to hear my first actual crack o’ the bat since September. That’s not so bad at all.

The game itself was as fun as a blowout beating up on a mix of the other team’s A, B and C squads can be – which is to say fun, it being baseball and all, but not outrageously so. Still, Dan Haren pitched a great five innings. It was great to see that he is definitely in April and May shape. Hisanori Takahashi, Kevin Jepsen and the other relievers looked more than ready for prime time themselves. Mark Trumbo is still hitting like a beast, even inside regular season height walls. He had a three run homer and an additional hit today. Peter Bourjos, Jeff Mathis and Alberto Callaspo also collected two hits each, including a nice triple from Bourjos. Hopeful signs for a great season, all. Mike Trout looked good but it was an uneventful game for him so I didn’t see much of him from my living room vantage point, another small disappointment.

There was, however, one definite consolation to watching the game at home – Torii Hunter and Vernon Wells were not playing today and joined Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza in the announcer’s booth for two innings. Whether it was Wells giving Torii grief about his age – he is clean shaven this year because there was apparently a lot more silver in his beard than he liked – or Torii suggesting that Wells can’t bunt because he would hurt himself running hard to first, those two guys crack me up. They were also serious at times and it’s great to see them locked in and so psyched for the season. If I had to make the rough decision and pick a favorite current Angel, it’s Torii and I can tell Vernon Wells is going to become a favorite of mine as well. I know that clubhouse chemistry alone does create a winning season. But I think it is the important x-factor that makes a team’s strength greater than just the sum of its parts. I am thrilled that Wells seemed to fit so effortlessly into the work hard, act goofy Angels clubhouse that I love so much. Wells mentioned that Mike Scioscia’s group dinner tab Spring Training assignments definitely helped him make friends quickly, he he.

After the game, Mike Scioscia officially announced the Angels Opening Day pitcher. It’s Scott Kaz…I’m totally kidding. Of course it’s Jered Weaver. I would say, as predicted here on this blog, but this decision was pretty close to a given. In the same press conference Scioscia also announced that Joel Pineiro will definitely start the season on the DL. The Angels will go with a four man rotation – Weaver, Dan Haren, Ervin Santana and Scott Kazmir – using the extra days off in early April as the 5th starter’s spot, until Pineiro is scheduled to come back and pitch in the April 8th home opener. I think this is a great short term solution and I am now certain Pineiro will be healthy enough to start on April 8th. I have tickets for that game, as I’ve mentioned, and I have uncanny luck for being at games where it’s either a pitcher’s first start off the DL or first start with the Angels.



  1. blithescribe

    Mike – You guess I did the right thing, eh? LOL. I hope there’s a next year. The Angels have been sporadic in their Fanfests. This was the first in three years. But it wouldn’t have been much fun on my own, knowing he was home and miserable, either.
    Mark – I really do think we’re going to love him. He’s still adjusting to the ins and outs of left field, but I love his glove, his bat, his attitude and his fantastic sense of humor. Seems like a nice guy too.
    Jeff – Wow, I didn’t expect to trick anyone, let alone several people. My apologies to your computer screen. 🙂
    Jane – Thanks! What can you do, right?
    — Kristen

  2. raysrenegade

    I always wondered why pop Torii in rightfield, then I saw Bourjos sprint all out for a ball in the gap and make it look like a country stroll. If he can make his bat do half the talking his defense does…..He will be the next Angels All Star. Seriously, the kid can motor from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds….I think he beat a cheetah to a rogue hotdog after the game.

    Rays Renegade

  3. blithescribe

    Rays Renegade – The Bourjos/cheetah/rogue hotdog incident has not actually been substantiated, but only because it’s difficult to decipher the red and yellow and black blurs on the video. Yeah, Bourjos is fast and so graceful he makes it all look effortless. And his bat is starting to come around, especially since he’s decided to take advantage of his speed by working on his bunting. I can’t wait to see what he does this year playing in between Wells and Torii.
    Ron – Well, I don’t know that kudos are really in order, but thank you. Yeah, I love our all centerfielder outfield. Wells and Torii are still getting used to playing the stadium corners, but that will come and in the mean time the three of them cover so much ground together it’s sick. Our outfield and 4/5ths of our starting rotation are my favorite things about the team heading into the season.

  4. blithescribe

    Jeff – Yeah, I’ll get right on that. 😉
    Sue – Don’t think I won’t be milking this for more tickets all season…of course, it’s not like he’ll mind that. He was better, now he’s out sick again. The flu this year is tough to shake.

  5. Catherine

    That’s too bad that you missed FanFest, but at least you get to go to a game so soon! I have the reverse of your pitcher’s luck…I have attended three games where the starting pitcher has gone one the DL. I’d much rather have it the other way around 🙂

  6. blithescribe

    Catherine – Very true. 9 days and counting. You’re right. Your pitcher luck doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun. But if it’s only happened three times, your luck can always improve.
    Alice – Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting! I loved Torii in the announcer’s booth too. I agree, he should consider a broadcast career after he retires as a player.

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