Happy Opening Day!

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Okay, so nobody actually exchanges cheesy greeting cards for Opening Day, but we really should. Hear me out. Opening Day should absolutely be a national holiday, complete with paid time off from work and the whole nine yards. National pastime, national holiday.

…Yeah my boss, awesome though he is, wasn’t buying it either.

But here’s the thing, what do many national holidays have in common? That’s right, cheesy greeting cards. Hallmark is clearly the power lobby in the holiday business. They have even created holidays just for the purpose of selling more cheesy greeting cards. All we need to do is supply Hallmark with another cheesy greeting card money maker and *poof* I’m telling you, national pastime, national holiday. Seriously. You’re reading this on the internet. So it has to be true, right? 😉

Oh well, cheesy greeting card filled national holiday or not, it’s Opening Day. Very, very early on Opening Day as I post this to be sure, but still. Opening Day! Even if your team doesn’t start playing until tomorrow, if that thought alone doesn’t make you giddy to the point where your smiles and good cheer just come bubbling out at random moments, then I don’t know what would.

Happy Opening Day! Play ball.


  1. suicidespeed

    I’d be down for that. It’s strange, isn’t it, how the beginning of baseball season seems more important than the end? I guess because everyone’s teams are still technically in the running, haha. But then, no one really seems to care who’s playing in the superbowl in order to watch it. Maybe I’ll throw a card together and surprise my mom tomorrow.


  2. raysrenegade

    Why not!
    What the heck is wrong with Hallmark. They are missing a key sports-related market by noy having cards that display “Opening Day”, “Sorry You Missed the Playoffs” or “Congrats on the Ring” sediment cards.
    Makes me want to fire up the old Microsoft or Photoshop software and produce a few interesting configurations of my own.
    I mean it is not like we will buy 100 for Opening Day, but if every baseball fan bought one for a speciaL FAN, it makes the design and research potentially worth millions.
    I still think so many great ideas start out as thought bubbles on blogs…then end up in checks with as lot of zeros.

    Rays Renegade

  3. blithescribe

    Alice – I think everyone’s team still being in the running has a lot to do with it. As my cousin out in Kansas just posted in her traditional opening day FaceBook comment: Hey everyone, the Royals are undefeated today! My response was only for the next few hours, natch. I think in football it’s accepted that the Super Bowl will draw a lot of people who didn’t give two figs the rest of the season, while in baseball we mock these folks as bandwaggoners.
    Jane – Thank you. Hmmmm…tempting, but I realized I don’t have the guts required for self employment watching my folks. That’s fearlessness.
    Rays Renegade – Oooo, I like your expansions on the idea. I was mostly goofing around and too excited for anything more than a joke post, but maybe there’s a real idea here, LOL.
    — Kristen

  4. Baseballkatelyn

    Happy Opening Day Kristen! My team doesn’t start until tomorrow but I am still excited today! I agree that there should be some kind of card industry for opening day, even for the playoffs, and world series. There would have to be a big market for that I imagine. Opening Day to me is more exciting than anything else in the game. Everyone is a winner, and everything is fresh and exciting. I would say I hope your team does well but then that goes against my team. So no well wishes for the Angels but I hope you have a fun season!

  5. blithescribe

    Kate – And Happy Opening Day to you tomorrow. Perfectly understandable about you not wishing the Angels well, LOL. Likewise on that and on having a really fun season. I love this time of year, so full of possbilty! Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting!
    Randy – It was a great day for L.A. and both of the games were good fun games too. Weaver and Kershaw both pitched gems. It was awesome, even with two nearly blown saves. It was a great day for all of So Cal really. Even the Padres won…and there is no joy in Red State Blue State-ville.
    — Kristen

  6. blithescribe

    Mike – It was a great day out here! I hope you had fun too with your opening day festivities. I figured there would be many long time members of the Opening Day Holiday lobby here on MLBlogs. 🙂
    Mark – Happy Opening Day to you too!
    — Kristen

  7. blithescribe

    Jeff – Yeah, we don’t have Sweetest Day out here, thank goodness. I like your idea and, if I am ever independently wealthy from baseball greeting cards, I would totally sponsor the RSBS podcast if only to hear “brought to you by Angels baseball…and Lifestyles condoms.”
    Ron – *grins* This virtual prototype is all we have at the moment. Next year perhaps.
    — Kristen

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