Angels Mess With Texas and Prepare to Take On Boston + Musical Fan Quirks

Now that was a fun game. Jered Weaver pitched his first complete game of the season, allowing only one run and remains…you know…I think I’m just going to leave that sentence unfinished. You all understand. Anyway, it was a good game all around. Matt Harrison pitched through hitless innings until the Angels figured him out. And then? Howie Kendrick sent another one into the stands. He’s currently sharing the AL homerun leader’s spot in good company – in a three way tie with Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira. Maicer Izturis continued his hitting streak. He is currently the AL batting average leader. Peter Bourjos hit a triple and made another highlight reel catch in centerfield just for good measure. Jeff Mathis got a hit.

Vernon Wells hit his first homerun in an Angels uniform with his dad at the stadium to see it. I imagine feeling like you have the chance to show off and make your folks proud doesn’t ever get old, even for a major league baseball player. It was touching to see the camaraderie in the dugout as the team first gave Wells the silent treatment – with barely suppressed grins and shaking shoulders – usually reserved for rookies and then mobbed him, all smiles and laughter, to extend their congratulations. I think that clubhouse chemistry is one of the more important intangibles and I am thrilled to see so much of it in the Angels this season.

And now? Ah, first place. Alone at last. 😉 But, as we all know, it’s only April, there’s a lot of baseball left to play and here come the Red Sox. While I was never one of the folks who expected this Red Sox team to win 100 games, I certainly don’t expect them to stay well below .500 for the season either. They are a much better team than their initial play indicated and have extra incentive to prove it as soon as possible. There’s a lot of history between the Red Sox and the Angels and it usually inspires both teams to…well…to put a polite spin on things, to play just that much harder. I am nervous and excited for this series and set to watch a couple of great match-ups starting this evening when young Tyler Chatwood goes head to head with Josh Beckett.

I have already removed the Dropkick Murpheys CD from my car for what will probably be the rest of the month in anticipation. Yes, this is my “superstitious” fan quirk. I don’t have a lucky shirt. I don’t have specific things I eat before or during games. But I can’t bring myself to listen to music closely associated with a certain teams while we’re playing that team. It’s not really a superstitious thing. I don’t think the Angels will lose if I slip in the odd Fields of Athenry here or there when the Red Sox are in town. It just feels really disloyal. Even though I have preferred my punk to come with bagpipes since long before Papelbon went Shipping Up to Boston. So, cue the Train and let’s play ball.



  1. invariablybaseball

    HAHA! I have an A’s coffee cup Im superstitious about. I can only use it after a win, weekends only.

  2. Keleigh

    Just catching a bit of the Angels/OtherSox game tonight (though, sleep is calling me soon) and, man. Your boys are still showing up and showing off all over the field. Izuris, Conger, and even Wells (who still looks odd to me in Angel red instead of Blue Jay blue) are just really playing some amazing ball. It’s much more fun to see when they’re not wreaking havoc all over my White Sox. 🙂
    Hope they bring it home for you, tonight.
    Watching the Dandelions Grow

  3. Michael David

    Being in first place is nice, no matter what time of year it is. It’s always exciting when your team play the BoSox because the talent they carry. I’m sure the Angels are making some members of the Red Sox Nation a little nervous right now, too…
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  4. blithescribe

    Jon – Ah, so it’s sort of a reward cup. That’s fun. I’m glad I’m not the only one with odd quirks.
    Anders – Well, sort of. He had his good moments but he also walked five people…then the bullpen…Ugh. Bad bullpen. No biscuit.
    Keleigh – They looked good and bad tonight. Bad bullpen, a couple of bad plays and no bats negate the good stuff tonight. Oh well, we’ll sic Haren on ’em tomorrow.
    Jane – Alas, Beckett was dealing and the Angels left their hitting shoes in Texas…but Chatwood and the bullpen remembered to pack their walking shoes. Ugh.
    Mike – The BoSox are talented, darn them. And we let Pedroia on the bases too often tonight. That guy is one hell of good base runner. Oh well. Hopefully we’ll give them reasons to be nervous tomorrow.
    Catherine – If he keeps this up, maybe! Although there is definitely a lot of steep competition for this honor.
    — Kristen

  5. Jeremy Visser

    Congrats on the hot start — so far you’ve got the best two pitchers in the AL, and I’m fine with that since you’re in the West. Nice to see Vernon get it going last night, too.
    So what’s up with this “Wrestling Mask Night” that I’m seeing advertised on the wall in the outfield. Is it worth the trip to LA?!

  6. crzblue2

    Congrats on first place! Do the Angels organization do anything when they are in first place? The Dodgers have a tradition dating back to Walter O’Malley of treating the Dodger personnel at the stadium to free ice cream. Many of us Dodger fans treat ourselves to ice cream.

  7. blithescribe

    Jeff – Thanks. Yeah, it was a good, tight game. But I would have enjoyed it a lot more without the Angels’ mistakes.
    Jeremy – Thanks! I think they rock. Vernon is heating up and it’s good to see. The wrestling mask is an Angels lucha libre mask and is pretty slick looking. I doubt you want to fly for all the way to California for it…the game maybe but not the mask. 🙂
    Emma – Thanks! You know, I don’t know if the Angels do anything fun when they are in first place. I’ll have to ask one of the veteran ushers when I’m at the game again. They might know. I love the Dodgers ice cream story. That’s so sweet and reminds me of more innocent times.
    — Kristen

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