The Red Sox Game – We Finished It Right!

Back to back wins. Now that is the way to end our season match-ups against the Red Sox! Wednesday night was downright magical. I am used to watching the Angels east coast games on delay, so it was a nice treat for me, if not for the players, to hear that the game was just resuming from a 2 and a half hour rain delay as I was turning off the freeway from my evening commute. So we got to watch a full game’s worth of innings live – that game went late! Then today, to catch snippets of the game on the radio and know that my tired Angels were apparently a lot less tired that the Red Sox with Pawtucket reinforcements? Well, that was even better.

Coming home to watch losses on Monday and Tuesday was just a downer. I wasn’t particularly down on the Angels season prospects, mind you. Outside of games involving teams from Boston (and Kansas City) they’ve been playing really well this season. But getting pummeled is always a downer, especially when you know the outcome could have been different.

These last two games though? Wow! Heads up plays. Stellar pitching. Bats, bats and more bats! Hey, this visiting team on the field? They looked suspiciously like my Angels! Way to go guys! Way to recover. And, Mr. Vernon Wells, I am glad to see you get your swagger back, sir, and deservedly so. Seriously, another home run over the monster. A couple of great plays against the monster. And I love the way he runs the bases when he’s on a roll. Just when I think he was a little too daring, he reaches the bag standing up or with an unhurried slide just ahead of the ball. Of course, when I talk about base running, I have to mention Peter Bourjos, who recovered nicely from two bad games and lit up the basepaths – and, apparenlty, Kevin Youkilis! – with his speed.

Torii’s hitting again, warming up with the summer weather as predicted – even though it was cold and wet in Boston. Heck, everyone was hitting these last two games, including Bobby Abreu with the game winning hit among others, and Mark Trumbo with another shot over the monster. I have to give love to the bullpen too, which more than rose to the occasion. I am starting to love seeing Scott Downs and Rich Thompson striding out to the mound. And Trevor Bell was lights out, shutting Boston down for the last four innings Wednesday. And the fielding! Did anyone else see the play at the plate? Perfect throws from Wells and Aybar to Jeff Mathis at the plate who positioned his feet and body so perfectly, that he rolled Marco Scutaro with the tag and brought his sliding feet to a halt against Mathis’s own feet three inches shy of the plate. And the way, Mathis then popped up instantaneously to stare Youkilis down at second. Chills. I have a major soft spot for catchers, as I may have mentioned in this blog a time or ten, so this was my favorite play of the series – absolutely gorgeous to watch.

So, do I think this means the Angels are past their troubles with the Red Sox and can play them on even footing from now on? Would that I could say yes, but I think the weird, uneven rivalry goes back too far for that. However, this is a great start. It leaves the team in the right mood going into their next home stand and sets the proper tone for all future encounters with the dreaded Red Sox – who I was amused to hear serenading Youkilis with Biz Markie’s Just a Friend at every at bat. Now that’s man-crushing open and unrestrained, and quirky to boot, and I have to admire them for that, even as the incongruity of it all amused me to no end.



  1. redstatebluestate

    Pretty surprised at how y’all manhandled Lackey… but I’m sure that felt good for a change. I’m really beginning to like Bourjos and his game. He fits so nicely with this team… he could become very good for a very long time.

  2. blithescribe

    Jeff – That felt great! The thing with Lackey is that he gets extra frustrated once you start hitting him, so mistakes tend to snowball and he becomes more hittable. Hopefully he won’t be so unbeatable for us in the future. I’m glad Bourjos is starting to get some love outside of the Big A. I think he’s going to be one of the players that’s fun to watch no matter who you usually root for.
    – Kristen


    When the Angels play Boston it reminds me of the nursery rhyme about the Little Girl – When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad, she was horrid.

    So glad we ended the series with the good!

  4. blithescribe

    Lana – So very, very true. And now more of them have curls to boot, what with so many Angels shunning scissors this season and all, LOL.
    Mark – And I am thrilled to watch him do it in Angels red. 🙂 I sure there will be a few stops and starts but that overall the warming trend will continue for Wells bat.
    — Kristen

  5. Keleigh

    You’re on a roll. We (I hesitate to say it out loud for fear I will jinx it) are on a little bit of a roll. Even if your boys kick my boys’ sorry butts, I’m going to enjoy this week, as long as there is some quality baseball. And, no one has to play in the sleet and hail and rain this time around.

    -Keleigh (Watching the Dandelions Grow)

  6. andersconrad12

    Just to prove how big of a nerd my dad is, after hearing on the broadcast the other night that Trevor Bell’s grandfather played Bozo the Clown here in Chicago, I decided to test my dad. I said that “Trevor Bell pitched a good inning for the Angels the other night.” and my dad said “Trevor Bell, wait… he isn’t related to Bob Bell, the guy who played Bozo, is he?” I love my dad. And Bell is a monster. I look forward to facing Chatmaple in this next series! =P

    – Anders (The Hitless Wonders)

  7. blithescribe

    Jane -Thanks Jane! These were definitely morale victories, infinitely more important that moral victories in baseball.
    Keleigh – I’m looking forward to the coming series against the White Sox. I think it should be a good one, especially without the need for parkas.
    Anders – That’s a cute story. Nerd dads are the best. Bell is definitely a monster. I’ like to see him as a starter someday. And you’ll see Chatwood on Wednesdy.

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