Angels take 2 out of 3 in Minnesota + Memorial Weekend Highlights

A spectacular, improbable come from behind win. A heartbreaking extra innings loss following a brilliant pitching performance by Jered Weaver. Dan Haren’s luck finally changed as the offense rallied to his support early and often. What a weekend! And that’s just the baseball part. So, what was the best part of my weekend?

Peter Bourjos’ amazing catches? Whether we’re talking about the catch on Friday or any of the others this weekend, Bourjos was a human highlight reel. And he wasn’t too shabby at the plate either. (I’m ignoring the hot potato incident with Torii Hunter in right field as a one-time only thing, unless proven wrong.)

The fact that the offense came out to play in two out of three games? Erick Aybar, Torii Hunter, Alberto Callaspo, Bobby Abreu and Mark Trumbo, I applaud you! Now, how about the offense coming out to play for three out of three games in Kansas City? The Angels need to redeem themselves in KC this week.

Jered Weaver, Jeff Mathis and Dan Haren share a lighter moment during the 5/25 home game vs. the A's. before the ups and downs of the Twins series. I just thought this was a funny/cute photo. Photo by This is a very simple game...

The exciting come from behind win on Friday night? By the way, arent the Twins supposed to be a last place team? Because they sure weren’t playing like it this weekend. They were a very good team this weekend. The Angels seem to bring that out in other teams. Um…thanks??

Jered Weaver’s nine lights out, two-hit, shutout innings? All that and no W? Very sad and very frustrating for Weaver, I’m sure. But that doesn’t make the feat any less fantastic.

The game night (of the board and card variety) we hosted on Saturday? That’s right, we decided to be social at the expense of some of the ballgame. Me, a few of my favorite smart asses in the whole wide world, a moderately epic quantity of wine, good food and games, games and more games until the wee hours of the morning. It was just what the doctor ordered for some much need stress relief.

Kicking some strategy game ass on Saturday? Yes gentlemen, I may have consumed more wine than you but don’t think that means I will wale on you any less. *evil laugh*

Turning the TV off on Saturday, because we had non-baseball friends over, when Jered Weaver was mid-gem, before the traumatically disappointing end? In hindsight at least, this is a good thing.

Dan Haren finally getting a much deserved 5th win? It’s funny. Haren has joked in interviews that after losing a few games where he pitched lights out, his next win would probably be a less than stellar performance with full run support…and that is exactly what happened. I don’t care, Haren’s a little off is better than a lot of pitchers on and the man was due.

Mark Trumbo’s homerun into the upper deck? And this was on an inside pitch where he couldn’t extend his arms!

The Bullpen? Well, on Friday and Sunday at least. Yes, Walden let things get a little more exciting than necessary Sunday but he pulled it off. They all did. They came to the mound for their inning or part of an inning and got it done.

The northern view from the Santa Fe Dam portion of the San Gabriel River Trail. I figured I would share an atypical view of L.A. county from my bike ride. Photo by This is a very simple game...

Hitting the bike trail with my husband after the ballgame on Sunday? It was only a 6 and a half mile ride in and around Santa Fe Dam. I might even have said pathetic once. But it’s been two years since I was last able to ride my bike and bike riding was pretty high up on the list of things my knee might never quite be up to again, so I’m going to go with Bravo! …and thank you reformer Pilates.

The weekend’s not over yet because we both have Monday off, the game starts at 1:30 and there is still the possibility of many of these things happening all over again?

Yeah, these are all great things, but I’m going to go with that last one!


  1. Red State Blue State

    Off subject, but those mountains look like perfect for some trail runs!!! And you know what happens when I have a “moderately epic quantity” of wine? Blackouts. And purple teeth :-). I do love me some wine though…. so it goes with the territory.

    • This is a very simple game...

      All subjects are fair game here, Jeff. I am not a runner so I couldn’t say for certain, but while there are a lot of great trails in our mountains – And I can probably start hiking a few of them again soon! – the elevation changes out here are pretty killer, the San Gabriels, the Sierra Nevadas, etc. all being much newer in a geological sense than the mountains in your part of the country. If trail running on a very steep grade for most of the trail is your thing, then these mountains would be perfect. Regardless, it is absolutely gorgeous up there.

      Yeah, no blackouts for me thank you. LOL, I prefer to keep the good times rolling. On the other had, purple teeth and even lips are a good look on everyone. 🙂

      — Kristen

  2. Michael David

    I understand you frustration while playing the Twins. I’ve had the chance to see a lot of them playing the Tigers over the years, and it doesn’t matter where they are in the standings or who’s on the roster, they’re a tough team to beat. I think they have a great manager and play good fundamental baseball. You didn’t mention what game you were playing on Saturday…my favorites are my ‘Cheers’ trivia game, and Chutes N Ladders. I hope your knee is ok for your Dam bike trail ride.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

    • This is a very simple game...

      Mike – I agree on the good manager and good fundamental baseball part, not to mention a lot of talent and they brought it all together just for our…um…benefit this weekend, LOL. We played several games on Saturday: a couple of rounds of Settlers of Catan, Princes of Florence and the new Zombie addition of that funny Munckin game I mentioned a few posts ago. I like Trivia Games though too but tend to leave Chutes and Ladders for special occasions when our niece and nephew are in town. 🙂 Yes, thank you, my knee feels pretty darned good, dam bike ride and all. 🙂

      — Kristen

  3. Emma

    I could almost throw you a stone to the Santa Fe Dam 🙂 I have not been there in ages but I drive close to it as my exit on the 605 is Lower Azusa.
    I’ve been busy talking to the Angels and Dodgers about donations for the goodie bag for the SABR convention. .
    For info about the conference go to

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