Sometimes You Win. Sometimes You Lose to the Yankees. Sometimes it Rains…All in One Weekend

Well, if the Angels had to lose two close games to the Yankees, at least it happened while I was out of town. It’s so much easier to stay detached you only check in with one of the games on your phone from time to time. You’re a lot less invested and barely notice all of the runners stranded in scoring position when you’re merely regaling your husband with your own rendition of the game day play by play ob the way back down the coast.

Seriously, when you can’t watch the game on TV, or hear your announcers’ commentary on the radio, you really only notice the good stuff – Bobby’s hitting streak, Trumbo’s homerun, Fleet Pete doing his thing, the fact that Howie’s back. All of the bad stuff – the missed scoring opportunities, the botched plays, the Yankees homeruns – barely even registers.  …You know, except for the part where I’m totally lying. April or September, squeaker or blow out, glued to the action before you on the field from the first pitch or just catching the score the next morning, losses always sting…especially when they seem to be coming in streaks.

It’s a marathon not a sprint. It’s only June. It’s just two losses. And all of the other clichés which, of course, are clichés for a reason. Yes, we’re only four games out of first and it’s just the beginning of June. Anything is still possible and I believe that this team can turn things around but it’s disheartening to be back under .500 on June 5th…and to have the AL West standings finally spread out by more than two games and be in third place and four games out. Absolutely fixable, but completely frustrating even so.

Anyway. Me? Out of town again? So soon? Well, that at least that’s more fun to write about than griping about the Angels. This weekend is the reason I was not going to go up to the wine festival last weekend until the Am Gen Tour was coming through and I decided that practicality and responsibility are really terribly overrated concepts. So this weekend, we were back up in Paso Robles for the Seafood and Sangria Summer Kickoff Party at Rio Seco, the baseball winery.

It was pouring rain for much of the weekend so the summer kickoff took place indoors, but the evening was a lot of fun. The Hinkle family were gracious hosts as always. This was a mostly locals crowd but they made sure we felt right at home – the older daughter who we usually chat with in the tasting room even asked how the Angels were doing. They remember their baseball and baseball fans here. The food was excellent. I now have several great ideas for sangria later in the summer, including one with the MVP reserve, apples and berries. More please! And the party favors were half cases of wine – the Grand Slam Cab/Syrah blend no less, ensuring that the party will continue at several Friday Gourmet, Wine and Angels evenings at our house later this summer. We had a nice time hearing some of the local gossip and all about the Giants – central coast California is absolutely not Angels country. They’re disappointed about Buster Posey but not exactly calling for Scott Cousins’ head or any rule changes in Paso Robles. Bruce Bochy take note…and a lesson or four.


  1. Matthew Peaslee

    This is the beauty of baseball. You can’t win ’em all. Even the impending World Series champ will go through a rough spurt and get swept. They’ll go on a losing streak and fans will question every move. Right now, almost every team, even my Pirates, can be contenders. There is still time and lots of it.

    • This is a very simple game...

      Matt – Only a insider for a few weeks and already talking like an old pro. 🙂 Congrats again, by the way. What you say is very true, but the AL West is so tooth and nail and even more so this season that 4 spots back concerns me even if it’s only June. They can catch up to be sure, but they need to start busting ass to do so right now.

      — Kristen

  2. ice0777

    I agree the beauty of baseball is that you can’t always win and can’t always lose, the issue is that the Texas Rangers are not losing, and that’s what cost us last season. We struggled just to keep up and we could take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. It is a long season, but someone is going to have to help us by making Texas stumble just a little bit, and we have to be there ready to take advantage. We don’t meet Texas again until after the All-Star break, we need to have a fighting chance by a then.

    • This is a very simple game...

      Ice – Thanks for dropping by my blog! I completely agree which is why the 4 spots back concerns me, even in June. In the AL West that’s almost like being 6 or 8 spots back in any other league. We need to get on a big winning streak soon because I don’t see the Rangers losing too many games in their upcoming series against the Tigers and Twins, so every loss is going to move us back even further.

      — Kristen

  3. Michael David

    Way cool-another wine trip. I get buzzed just reading about them now. I don’t think the Angels have much to worry about. I don’t think they’re panicking and talking about bring Trout up already, are they?
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

    • This is a very simple game...

      Mike – Thanks! It’s nice to know my prose is intoxicating. 😉 Thanks for the other as well. Fortunately the front office is nowhere near panicking to that degree, though plenty of fans are. I’m with the front office. Let him stay in the minors until he’s really ready. I’d rather lose the season than risk not allowing Trout to live up to his potential in the Angels organization.

      — Kristen

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