The Glamour List, Baseball Edition: 10 Things That Really Are Okay, Encouraged Even

We’re in the last few days of July and, aside from a few lumps and bumps, the Angels are doing pretty well – Monday’s game notwithstanding. Comfortably above .500. Four games out of first place in the AL West. Ten and two in their last 12 series. Not bad for a team most of the talking heads were predicting would be deeply entrenched in the third or even fourth place spot at this point in the season.

However, even with all of August and September still left to play, the distance between the Rangers and the Angels isn’t moving in the right direction anywhere near quickly enough or consistently enough for the comfort of Angels fans. Giant sweeping changes are unnecessary. As I said, the Angels are playing pretty good ball. But, having watched far more games than not this season, I can’t help but notice certain key things the Angels could be doing that they just aren’t doing. Clearly, they must not know it’s okay. This is the only reasonable explanation. 😉

So, for the Angels education – and for your entertainment – in the style of that paragon of good information and insightful advice, Glamour Magazine, (Come on ladies, you know there’s nothing like a fashion magazine for a little guilty pleasure, comic relief. Come on gents, you know most of you have snuck a curious peak at an S.O.’s or sister’s stash at one point or another.) I present:


the glamour list – baseball edition

10 Things That Really Are Okay, Encouraged Even:



Scoring runs before we have two outs on the board.



Scoring runs before the 7th inning stretch.



Hitting homeruns at home too.



Lengthy, unbroken winning streaks.



Keeping opposing team runners off the bases between the second and third outs. 



Heck, while we’re at it, sitting the other team down 1, 2, 3.



Being aggressive on the base paths…without being aggressively stupid on the base paths.



Disappointing rookies…opposing team rookies that is. Really, it’s not unsportsmanlike if you hit their pitches, make it hard for them to catch the ball and, you know, not allow them walk-off first hits.



 Taking over 1st place early and never letting it go.



Teams other than the Angels beating the Texas Rangers…Okay, so this one isn’t for the Angels so much as the rest of the AL but, really guys, it’s okay. Any. Day. Now.


    • This is a very simple game...

      I know they did Bluejaysnest and I had such high hopes for them succeeding. Alas. They did help a little though and the Twins helped a little more tonight. (Because it’s all about the Angels…on my blog at least.) 🙂

      — Kristen

  1. The Wizard of Ozzie

    Haha, love this! Feel like some of it is applicable to a lot of teams in MLB, not just the Angels. I especially like numbers 5 and 6. Did all the pitchers sit down before this season and decide to give the fans heart attacks on the way to victory? 😉

    • This is a very simple game...

      Too true Jeff. And that’s life in the AL West. Thanks for the frowny face. That’s probably how I looked when our baby closer blew the save. But he redeemed himself today and Texas lost so, hey, the rankings Simon Says continues with one step forward to offset yesterday’s one step back.

      — Kristen

  2. Michael David

    The unpredicability of baseball is why we love the game so much. Lots of true statements, though, for a lot of teams. Good win last night against the Tribe, though. Help keep them off the Tiges backs for a few games!
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

    • This is a very simple game...

      Very true Mike. I wouldn’t like it much at all if we just figure out the results based on stats before the teams actually playes. Thanks! It was a glorious win and ths morning’s was even better. This season’s Indians are no joke though. I think you guys are going to be duking it out through September.

      — Kristen

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