Cardinals Win Game 1! But It’s Just Not the Same…

From the first two outs (*sigh* I want a Molina brother behind the plate again! And, wow! It’s a flying Super Carpenter!) Game 1 did not disappoint. I find that while I have less team specific passion for the game when I don’t have a team in the mix, if the game is a good one my overall baseball fan passion is still thoroughly indulged. And, hey, my temporarily-adopted-strictly-for-the-month-of-October team won! Keep it going Cardinals!

But as much as I enjoyed this game, it only served to underscore the fact that there is someone I am missing. Missing terribly. We take a lot of breaks in our relationship, and this is just one more scheduled break, so I shouldn’t be so mopey about it. But it…well…it’s just that baseball is so much our thing that it’s impossible to enjoy a game like this without feeling like something is missing.

It doesn’t help that everywhere I turn these last few weeks there are the inevitable relationship reminders:

When I turn on the TV:

When I do the laundry:

When I leave for work in the morning:

Heck, even when I pay my bills!:

You’re on my car:

You’re in my living room:

Apparently you’re even still lurking in my husband’s pockets:

Oh Angels baseball! I’m used to the long winters apart but why’d you have to leave me so early two years in a row?! I understand. I do. You need to rest. Regroup. Recover. Think about something completely non-baseball related for awhile.

I know it will be different in the spring. You’ll be more attentive. More involved and into the relationship with me and all of the other women and men in your life for the entire season. And we won’t, any of us, have to take a relationship break until the end of October!!

It’s okay, Angels Baseball. You don’t have to respond. We all know this is what you want too. 😉



  1. Red State Blue State

    Been down that road many a time, Kristen. Know that you’re not alone. And, it does get better. Soon the spring air will be beckoning them back to the Big A and you’ll be spending your hard earned dough on overpriced beer and game tickets. At least you don’t have to deal with brutal, snowy, FREEZING conditions for 5 months prior to that 😉

    • This is a very simple game...

      Uh huh. Says the man who just went to the World Series…totally kidding, Jeff. Okay, mostly kidding. I know some years are like that. And every years ends early for all but 8 teams. But I think a little mopey-ness is pretty standard in these situations. My DVR and dashboard situations? Perhaps slightly less standard and remedied shortly after I took the photos to mock myself.

      — Kristen

  2. Aaron

    Love all the Angels stuff around the house and on the car. My room is filled with Tribe stuff, and I also have a sticker (a Wahoo Head) on my back window in my car. Heck, when I turn my computer on my back ground and my homepage ( is Cleveland Indians related. It’s amazing when the season ends how there seems to be 6,000 (*exaggeration) stations of nothing on

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