Miami, the Life of the Winter Meeting Party + Baseball Fever, Catch it from Someone You Love!

So, how about those winter meetings? The agenda could be duller than a long Friday night in folding laundry and they would still seem pretty darned exciting at this point, mostly thanks to Florida…er…I mean Miami. Miami at the moment reminds me of that lightweight drinker who has overindulged beyond their usual prudent amount and suddenly finds themselves the life of the party. You’re thrilled that they have acquired a few missing pieces…er…learned that they do in fact love tequila. You want them to be competitive again…that is, to have a great time. But you can see the potential for hangover growing by the minute and if it hits this one is going to be uh-uh-gly…er…oh, wait. Nevermind. That one works for both analogies. 😉

And, while we’re on the party analogy, has anyone seen our escort? He brought us that lovely tropical drink – something catcher? – a little while ago and then left to get us another, but we can’t seem to see him in the crowd at the moment. Oh well, no matter. We’re feeling happy – no complaints. This is an awfully fun party and I’m sure he’ll turn up eventually with a big swingin’ bat or two (If there is no such drink, I swear I will make one up with spice infused bourbon to get some nice wood notes and other tasties!) or maybe even a pitcher of something. Oh, we can wait for that and even enjoy the waiting.

Editor’s Note/Update: Ummm…not so sure about some of the current rumored beverage offerings. I enjoy rum and Texas tea…but not in those quntities/for those contracts. Yikes!

*     *     *     *     *

My husband and I often joke that baseball fever is, how shall we say? Ah yes, a social disease. (Gee Officer Krupke!) It’s the only explanation for the speed with which two sworn non baseball fan friends acquired the disease once they started dating a baseball fan and the wondrous virulence of their lasting symptoms. It also explains why all of our other friends, non baseball fans in committed relationships with one another, will never catch the fever. Hey, baseball fans out there in love with non baseball fans. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually worked that way?

Anyway, my husband is a great baseball fan. But the true fanaticism is a newer thing, something that grew parallel to my returning fanaticism when my own baseball fever joyfully relapsed after way too long a remission. I like to think I helped him a little bit with that. He already definitely knew the rules and some of the strategies, players and such. But I got to teach him the finer points, or at least be there when he picked them up on his own and it’s been an incredibly fun journey. He is not as big a dork as I am, yet, but he’s getting there.

Coming home from work the other day, I walked in on him ranting at Hot Stove. That’s not an intangible. You can absolutely measure that. It’s called Wins. Above. Replacement. He snarked and tossed the remote on the sofa in amused disgust.

Wow, I laughed appreciatively. Look at you!

Seth paused, looked at me, laughed and said. It’s a social disease.



  1. the male brown footed loon

    Perhaps you’d care for some Booker’s that whiskey enthusiast lists the tasting notes to include oak and leather?

    • This is a very simple game...

      Hmmm…the Mistress Mixologist finds your selection intriguing. Perhaps with a slightly more peppered version of that ginger black pepper syrup I make and a little club soda? Sort of a knocked out of the park Maker’s and ginger? Alternative thought: Bookers, Navan (because vanilla and wood notes, hello?) And good orange bitters? We need to have a cocktail party just so I can play with this stuff. 🙂

      — Kristen

    • This is a very simple game...

      Yep. I saw that this morning Manoman. And C.J. Wilson too. Crazy times! I am bouncing (literally at some points) back and forth between giddy happy and asking nagging practical questions about the whole thing. I think this has the potential to be very, very good depending on how other things are handled.

      — Kristen

  2. osayorioles

    Well Kristen, YOU got something to write about. All I’ve got here is Maryland is a Rule 5 draftee and a marginal guy I never heard of! But alas, it all works to make me a more creative writer!! Looking forward to your analyses of recent hours!

    • This is a very simple game...

      And how, Osay! I’ve still got happy goosebumps over the whole thing. 🙂 These long days without games are the time to get creative though. Even when your team is making moves there are only so many posts that can be generated about it without getting creative. It sounds like you have prime fodder for an “And all we’re getting for Christmas is ________” kind of a post or a Christmas wish list for your GM, though.

      — Kristen

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