Pay No Attention to the Groundhog Behind the Shadow, Spring Is Just Around the Corner

Well, Spring Training is at any rate and that’s good enough for me. So, I was all set to write one more ___ Days Without Baseball post but the fact of the matter is I’m just too darned cheerful. Yay! Oh, those posts were very much tongue in cheek, of course, but it still takes a certain amount of melancholy to write them and, wonderfully enough, I’m just not feeling it. Angels 2012 season billboards are beginning to bloom, the sports analysts are tweeting and there is a hint of baseball in the air.

And to top it all off? Mark Trumbo, one of the Angels two big question marks heading in to Spring Training was cleared to resume baseball activities this week after spending the offseason healing a stress fracture in his right foot. Can he continue last season’s offensive outburst? Can he make a transition to 3rd? Will the injury have any lingering effects? Oh and what about Kendrys? He’s a big part of the offense puzzle too, you know. Well, you kind of have to play the games first, but I sure think so. We’ll have to see. I don’t know. I really don’t know. Oh, and statement. One-Love.

Okay, so the Angels still have a few important questions to answer but that’s part of what Spring Training is all about. We have one new answer to add to Jerry Dipoto’s serious answers to all of fans’ Hot Stove questions. We have a lot of hope, a sense of infinite possibility, and I for one have more excitement than any one person can reasonably be expected to contain. And that right there – hope, possibility, excitement – is the larger part of what Spring Training and indeed the entire concept of Spring is all about.

So surely that groundhog’s gone senile. Real spring is just around the corner. Besides, out here in Sunny So Cal we haven’t even seen winter. This isn’t bragging, mind you. It’s darned odd actually. We may not get snow and ice storms, but we do generally get rain and several weeks of weather in the 30s and 40s. Today it was 70. Weird! So I’m not buying this six more weeks stuff.



  1. Minoring In Baseball

    It’s been a wierd winter up here, too Kristen. Up in the U.P. it was pushing 40 yesterday, when we’re used to 40 below at this time of year. I’m not complaining at all, I just hope winter knows it needs to be gone for good on April 1st. I hope it cooperates this year, I’m excited to get the season going too!!!

    • This is a very simple game...

      Yikes, Mike. 40 sounds downright balmy compared to those photos you posted last year of the epic snow. Well, I wouldn’t mind a very rainy spring out here because we always need it, but here’s hoping your winter decides against being fashionably late.

      — Kristen

  2. WrigleyRegular

    It’s been a wonderfully mild winter in Chicago. Just 2 months to Opening Day!!!!!

    If Trumbo can play 3rd, the Angels are gonna have a great offense this year.

  3. ddboy77

    I can’t wait for spring. Up in Wisconsin it’s been a strange winter. There is no snow on the ground. and the weather is 40’s 50’s everyday. Hopeful it doesn;t start in the summer

  4. Rants, Raves, etc.

    We’ve had a very mild winter, too – I love the lack of cold temps, my husband sees it as lower heating bills. And even though Phil gets all the press, there were other groundhogs with opposing forecasts, so I think I’ll their predictions over Phil’s this year.

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