A, B and D Movie Angels Promotions for 2012

Angels individual game tickets go on sale in a few more hours and I am as eager and excited as a kid on the last day of school. Dreaming of games future. Contemplating what games I’m going to buy tickets for Saturday and what games I’m just going to cross my fingers I get at season ticket prices on StubHub or the like later…I certainly hope tickets won’t be so popular this year that that little trick ceases to exist. *crosses fingers and toes too for good measure* I mean, I don’t have to go to 22 games again this year, but I’d really like to…*upon further thought, uncrosses toes…this blogger is more than a bit of a klutz with her toes unencumbered*

Anyway, it is not possible to peruse the home game ticket options without noticing the promotional giveaways. Now, I go to games to watch the game. I typically pick games to see live based on, well, game factors – a particular opponent, a promising pitching match-up, getting to see each of our starters start at least once during the season, and so on – or based on our schedule. Hmmm…we don’t have any plans Sunday. Whatever shall we do? I know! Baseball!!  Promotional giveaways enter only minimally into the equation, if at all. But I’m also not such a purist that I loathe promotional giveaways. Sure, they’re fluff. But what’s wrong with fluff? Fluff is fun, harmless, entertainment…you know, sort of like an action movie. Of course, as everyone knows, there are A List action movies, B List action movies and…well…let’s see how the 2012 Angels promotional giveaways stack up shall we?

On the A-List (think the classics: Die Hard, the Terminator, the Rock, the Bourne Series)

This was tricky, actually. This year’s promotional offerings aren’t nearly as compelling as last year’s. Gone is the summer concert series and the wide variety of hats and bobble heads has shrunk to recession like proportions. But there are still a few A-list offerings:

  • Big Bang Friday every Friday night home game: Okay, who doesn’t like fireworks? And fireworks and baseball together? Oh so much fun! I realize that pretty much every team does fireworks nights these days, however, not only is the Big A located in the land of Disney, its fireworks show concludes moments before and mere blocks away from the of Disney and you know how competitive baseball folk are. If other teams set off fireworks, the Angels set off FIREWORKS!!!
  • Father’s Day Oven Mitt and Pot Holder in June: A+++ for not having this be a BBQ specific item. A lot of guys seriously cook, on the BBQ and in the kitchen, and I thought it was exceptionally cool that this item was a lot less stereotypical than it could have been…not to mention, I would totally love having these items in my kitchen.
  • The C.J. Wilson Backpack and Angels lunch bag for the kidlets on separate days in August: again, back to school themed items are something every team does in September, but especially given C.J. Wilson’s local boy come home status, these seemed like items the kids would actually be vying for. Now if only I had access to prop children who wouldn’t insist on keeping the lunch bag for themselves… 😉

On the B-List (think the cult classics, movies so low budget, preposterous and cheesy that they are actually awesome beyond all measure: Escape from L.A., They Live!, Big Trouble in Little China, 3,000 Mile to Graceland…okay, anything involving Kurt Russell!)

Who are those masked men? Angels Super Fans sport the 2011 Lucha Libre masks, and numerous other Angels promotional items as post of some of the cooler outfits I have ever seen at the ballpark. Thanks for posing for the photo, guys! - Photo by This is a very simple game...

While I don’t see any breakout, Angels Lucha Libre mask-level items on the 2012 schedule (because that was the Kurt Russell movie of promotional giveaways if ever there was such a thing), there are still a few pleasing options, including:

  • Angels Hula Girl in June: A luchador mask it’s not, but somehow, even sight unseen, I predict this will be the must have cubicle accessory, much like the luchador mask before it, at the Angels lovin’ office where Seth and I both used to work.
  • Angels Cowboy Hat, also in June: Or, as I said to Seth as soon as I saw it, Oh honey, look! The Angels are giving away a stripper hat when the Rangers come to town! Seth *laughed hard, looked at the hat and laughed harder* We’re going, right? Me: Absolutely:

On the C…okay, the D-List (think movies that are outright, what-the-heck-were-they-thinking, bad: Speed II, Highlander II, Transformers II…hey, are we sensing a theme here? Thank goodness they never made sequels to the Matrix or I might have to speak ill of initial genius here…shut up. They never made them. Never. La la la la, not listening.)

  • Angels Car Air Freshener in May: Seriously? An Angels car air freshener?! What does it smell like? Victory? Bananas? Wet Rally Monkey? Then again, the Angels are giving this particular treasure out while the Yankees are in town. Maybe I should rethink my categorization of this item strictly on opponent alone. 😉
  • Rally Monkey Beanie in May: All I’m going to say about this item is that it’s not just a giveaway for kids. That and the photo which is worth at least 1,000 very scary words, should be enough to explain why this item is on the D-List:

*     *     *     *     *

Friday Gourmet, Wine and Grimm? Hey, there are no games on yet, and Grimm is a pretty entertaining diversion. Besides, a girl had to practice to keep up on her Friday Gorumet… skills in the offseason. So this Friday in addition to a delightfully heavy on the S GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre), I made several different types of lavosh. (The leftovers will be known as lunch for the rest of the weekend.) And in the course of playing with the eclectic end of the week offerings in our kitchen I think I improved upon 2011’s Red (Onion) State Blue (Cheese) State Lavosh. The 2012 version uses caramelized white onions and then dried tart cherries for the red. Oh so good if I do say so myself:


  1. Minoring In Baseball

    Looks like some good give away items by the Angels. You go for the baseball, but if you can come home with a little something, then why not? The fireworks are always popular, and the kids love to stay and watch them, especially on Star Wars night. The cowboy hat would be cool, too. Also, the movie ‘They Live!’ is a classic. Roddy Piper at his best!!

  2. This is a very simple game...

    Thanks Jeff! Yeah, I have to agree with you on the money…but it only sounds funny coming from outside the Angels fanbase. If the C.J. Wilson backpack looked like that, I would make a concerted effort to find prop children so I could get one. That would be hilarious.

    — Kristen

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