Angels Sunday Thoughts – of Homeruns, Teammates and Trips to the DL

In no particular order:

  • Newflash, watching the Angels win is far, far better than the alternative and this week has certainly offered sufficient evidence of both outcomes to prove that theory.
  • I think our offense has narcolepsy. They’re awake, they’re awake! Nope, they’re down for the count again. Hey, they’re awake! Whooops, not any more. But overall I do think they’re getting better.
  • Oh yeah, and Albert Pujols hit his first homerun in an Angels uniform today and we were…sitting in our living room watching it on TV. 😉 Had you going there for a minute didn’t I? But seriously, I am glad he hit it. I am thrilled that he got that monkey of the decidedly non rally variety off of his back. Now, hopefully everyone can stop fixating on the homeruns, especially Albert, and he can just get back to hitting his game. The rest will come…as long as he stops pressing like he was again on the very next at bat.
  • On a semi related frivolous note, I suppose that now, even though he is absolutely not superstitious and shaving the goatee off had nothing to do with trying to change his luck, *nods – uh huh, we believe you Albert ;)* we’ll be seeing a lot more of clean shaven Albert.
  • The Angels’ dugout reaction to the homerun was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. In case you missed it, they didn’t just give Pujols the silent treatment. The entire dugout, players, coaches, assistants, everyone, left the dugout and went back into the tunnel so that Albert was greeted with a ghost town after crossing the plate. He cracked up and ran into the tunnel after them and they all boiled out together, laughing, clapping him on the back and high fiving everyone in sight. It was beautiful, hilarious and touching! You are all great teammates!!
  • These Blue Jays? They’re pretty darned tough. The first pitch swinging – especially the connecting part – was really throwing our pichers off and those outfield arms are sick!
  • What the heck was up with that Tim Welke call at first in the Rockies/Dodgers game? All I know is that all of those terrible old jokes about women and parallel parking must forever cease because rearranging the to match a punch line of “because Tim Welke says three feet away is that same thing as on the bag” would be much funnier.
  • This was a terrible week for injuries. Obviously the most poignant was Mariano Rivera. Watching him tear up while talking to reporters about missing the season made me tear up. I don’t think it’s possible to be a baseball fan and not love and respect Mariano. My heart goes out to the Yankees family and I was so glad to hear that he will not retire because of the injury but plans to rehab for a return in 2013 instead.
  • It’s not nearly as serious or sad as Mariano, but the Angels temporarily lost the only two relievers who don’t scare me on a regular basis to injury within the span of three pitches in the 9th inning today. Scott Downs injured his knee dodging a one out single and then LaTroy Hawkins broke a finger fielding the comebacker turned into game winning double play during the very next at bat.
  • So, um, given the previous point, the next few series might be a little interesting, hopefully in the sense of enthralling and intriguing as opposed to the Hoban Washburne definition of ‘Oh my god, oh my god, we’re all going to die.” My solution? *Adopts her best Lumbergh impression* Jered, Danny, Ervin? We’re gonna need you to come back in and pitch in the 8th inning, okay. Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Ahh, we’re also gonna need you to go ahead and keep pitching in the 9th, too…” Seriously, it may be the only solution!
  • No, I’m sure plenty of perfectly normal people mix that many references together in one thought. Why do you ask?
  • Completely off topic, but you’re used to that from me by now – I saw The Avengers this afternoon after the game and it rocks all socks, stripy and/or otherwise, everywhere. No worries, there will be no spoilers here. But let me just say that I have been jonesing for The Avengers movie ever since the teaser end of Iron Man before Samuel L. Jackson uttered word one, standing there in the unmistakable Nick Fury eye patch with all of my Heinlein reading, Star Wars loving, Hitchhiker’s quoting, former comics devouring, pair of 10-D carrying geek girl’s heart. So the bar was high and I still think the movie turned out to be everything a comic book action movie should be.
  • I’m on Twitter now. Yep, I finally broke down and decided that ‘everyone else is doing it’ was as good an excuse as any. I’ve found some of you so far. If you like tweeting with fellow bloggers, please come find me at @SimpleGame. 🙂


  1. Red State Blue State

    Nice silent treatment for Albert. That made me chuckle, and I don’t think I’ve chuckled (NOT EVEN ONCE) about anything regarding Albert since January. I think we all needed that.

  2. Mike

    Looks like I’m going to have to ride the wave of positive reviews and see the Avengers. Oh, nice series by the way. Pujols just looks way too tense at the plate…the only way I can describe it is this time when I forgot how to throw a frisbee after knowing how for so many years, and I was just so perplexed until like the next few days when I got it back. Hopefully he can get back to his normal self so you guys can go back to bashing the oth–I mean legitimately bad contract on your team, Vernon Wells. 😉

    • This is a very simple game...

      Enjoy! It’s a fun flick. I agree, Mike. Waaay too tense at the plate, especially becuase every now and then you catch a glimpse of him relaxed at the plate, but only for a pitch or two. Yeah, ugh, Vernon. 😛

      — Kristen

  3. Minoring In Baseball

    Kristen-The silent treatment for Albert is classic, especially them taking it one step further. Oh, the Avengers movie…I need to get the kids to that asap. I was reading Cap and the Avengers when I was younger, and have been waiting for this movie, too. I’ve even unboxed the comics from the 80’s for the kids to read! I’ll definatley follow you on twitter, should be fun! @MinorBaseball

  4. Mateo Fischer

    I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but I’m going to paraphrase A-Rod’s quote on the Pujols. It was something along the lines of “With interleague play, people underestimate how hard it is to transition leagues. Pitchers have an inherent advantage facing a hitter for the first time, and I don’t care how many scouting reports you read, you’re going to have to face the pitchers 2 or 3 times before you’re comfortable facing him. He might be having some trouble now, but I expect him to hit HRs in bunches once he gets that first one.” Let me remind you, this is A-Rod that is coming to Pujols’ defense. Granted, A-Rod has never switched leagues, but he knows a thing or two about hitting.

    • Mike

      Hmmmm, interesting. I wonder how A-Rod would explain Prince Fielder then. Oops. Let’s just be honest and say he is pressing under the weight of his contract.

    • This is a very simple game...

      I do think when he really gets past this, the home runs will come in bunches, Mateo, but I think any issues switching leagues should be tapering off right now. I think he’s stressed and pressing. His swing doesn’t always look like his swing and he’s chasing pitches he usually wouldn’t. But issues switchign lleagues may have contributed to the pressure that lead to the pressing at the plate.

      — Kristen

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