This is a very simple game...

I’m a book loving, copy writing, wine indulging, gourmet cooking, baseball cheering, very happily married lady on the other side of 30. I root for the Angels, read broadly and incessantly, and bake a truly decadent flourless chocolate cake. I love to laugh and have a very irreverent sense of humor.

Raised on softball games and the Dodgers, I fell completely out of love with baseball in college when, somewhere between my studies, the player’s strike and its aftermath, I stopped seeing the things I loved about the game on the field. I thought I had abandoned baseball forever until I fell in love all over again on a company trip to the Big A. The Angels play the game the way I love to see it played, small ball with a lot of heart, and I have been a huge fan ever since. I realize this is a little like growing up Catholic and realizing that you’re really more of a Protestant in your 20’s, but that’s my story.

I came to MLBlogs looking for great baseball talk and, seriously, you all hit the ball out of the park in that regard. I decided to start my own MLBlog to continue the conversation. If any of this sounds appealing, feel free to lurk or, better still, hang out and chat.