Wild Card Wednesday. Pinch Yourself, Did That Just Happen Thursday. And Now Termination Friday?

“We find it’s always better to fire people on a Friday. Studies have statistically shown that there’s less chance of an incident if you do it at the end of the week.” – Bob Slydell (no, not that Bob, the other Bob) 

This is but one of many scenes in Office Space that is hilarious and at the same time so very, very true…which makes it just a little bit painful, which in turn makes it infinitely more funny. That human nature. Kind of a sick bastard, ain’t he? The mortgage industry, of course takes this several steps further. Friday isn’t just the day employees receive, as an old boss of my husband’s used to say, an invitation to the world, Friday is also the day banks fail, a fact which became all too apparent in bad old days of ’07, ’08 and ’09.

Imagine my colleagues and I at about 1:30 or so every Friday, just after the markets closed, scanning the headlines on Bloomberg and CNN to see who received a knock on the door from the FDIC this week, like so many baseball players on a cold streak eager to see how many guys were worse off and headed straight for the Mendoza line. And, oh yes, after the FDIC came calling on us, we performed this weekly ritual all the more attentively and with a great deal more snark. This was less a matter of schadenfruede running rampant, mind you, than one of absolute terror and paranoia channeled into research, gallow’s humor and a seemingly endless stream of Tom Lehrer parodies…as you do.

Usually Major League Baseball bears about as much resemblance to corporate life in any of its variations as the Metro Goldwyn Lion does to Calvin Coolidge, but watching MLBN today, I have to wonder. Terry Francona and Tony Reagins? Interesting. Have the Bobs been doing some consulting work? I mean, of course, in both cases this is being billed as “they stepped down” and also in somewhat differing reports as a mutual or collective decision but, really, any PR team worth their pay will try and get everyone involved to adopt that party line as soon as possible, so you just never know.

The whole thing was very interesting for me, because I was expecting the news about Francona, even though I don’t think he deserved it after what he has meant to Boston. But never in a million years was I expecting the news about Reagins, even though I think he did deserve it. The Angels tend to be a lot more warm and fuzzy with their front office staff over the last decade or so than they used to be, and more so than is good for them as a general rule. Maybe they were listening when Reagins was booed during the Jered Weaver contract press conference? Because try as Victor Rojas might to cover it up with a joke, they weren’t shouting “Tooooony, Toooooony” and it wasn’t funny.

So Francona is off to, one would assume, if not bigger and better things at least big and good things and Tony is…still employed with the Angels but as Assistant to Club Chairman Dennis Kuhl. I think this is fitting. Tony Reagins clearly loves the Angels and he’s tried to do right by the team just with very mixed results as a GM, Dr. Tony and Mr. Reagins as it were.

So, thank you Dr. Tony, with all of my Angels loving heart for the Jered Weaver extended contact. For Dan Haren. For Scott Downs. For Mark Teixeira, who was a brilliant rental signing it’s just too bad we couldn’t keep. And for Torii Hunter. And, in truth, for Alberto Callaspo who has quietly lead the team in batting average ever since. But for all the rest? For Scott Kazmir. For Fernando Rodney. For trading Mike Napoli (you can have Juan Rivera) for Vernon Wells for crying out loud? I tried to be pretty Pollyanna about that one because it’s not like I had a choice, but sheesh! For not being aggressive enough to really have a shot ai Teixeira…or any strong bats during this last off season…or, no offense to Callaspo but, a star third baseman with the cleanup bat we desperately needed at that time. For all of this large downside, I thank you for leaving, Mr. Reagins, with all of my Angels loving heart.

So, where do we go from here? I confess I am not exactly up on available GM candidates and the Angels have indicated they’re looking for someone young and untried anyway. Here’s hoping this winds up being more of a Dr. Tony, the deal ninja, style decision than a Mr. Reagins style decision.  And one way or the other, I hope they fix the Angels’ glitch.

Editor’s Note: So I am a bit behind on my posts. Work really piled on the projects this week and sometimes it’s all so much writing that I don’t have two coherent thoughts left amidst the jumble to string together for the blog. But have no fear, TIAVSG was born during the offseason by the barely glowing embers of a recently kindled Hot Stove, and this blog will surely continue though the post season and the off season…pics from my last game of the season and wrap up thoughts on the Angels season coming soon…Hey, come November and December especially, a girl’s gotta do something to keep the offseason blues away.


  1. the male brown footed loon

    Mortgageimplosion meter included more rumor sand speculation but in the early days lead the traditional media by days. It included things like bank A has added x condition to all loans. Of course being on sharp end of the spear it was self defense.

    My hope is that whoever they bring in is a good match for Scioscia

    • This is a very simple game...

      LOL! You are so wonderful to drop by and comment and so cute to use that name. 🙂 I think that site may have been one of the ones blocked at corporate…though working on the 6th floor we got most of that intel through the grapevine anyway and you know how up we were on the rule changes. *whistles* And, yes, all in self defense, watching for “The Situation” as if we had anywhere to cut and run to should it arise, what a laugh.

      Ditto on the GM. I think maybe that’s why they’re looking for a young newbie, someone Scioscia can shape and mold. It seems to work out okay for Managers. Guess we’ll see if it works okay for General Managers.

      — Not that brown footed loon, the other one

  2. mlblogsgiantsbythebay

    Kristen, the Angels record was better than 2010, I believe. I get the feeling that they’re disappointed with Vernon Wells. Yet, I can see a A.L. West Division Championship and a possible long run in 2012. I’m not sure who the new GM will be either but it will be an interesting search. The playoffs are interesting but obviously, I don’t have the same feeling as a year ago. Thank goodness there’s only about 150 days until Spring Training.

    • This is a very simple game...

      No worries Wayne, I’m actually pretty okay about the season. I would have preferred a championship because, well, who wouldn’t. But I agree there was improvement over last season and I see more improvement and a real shot at a return to the post season in 2012 and, bottom line, I had a good time watching the Angels this season more often than not. Vernon Wells is far from Reagins only error, even though Wells will probably be better next season. With Reagins it more a case of his deals are either amazing or terrible and the pendulum is swinging more towards terrible as time goes by. And I hear you on that 150 until Spring Training. 🙂

      — Kristen

  3. Red State Blue State

    You won’t be alone. A lot of us rely on the MLBlogosphere in the offseason to keep our spirits alive. December, January and February… dark months they are. As for the Halos, here’s an opportunity to switch gears. Time to focus forward and get the bats healthy, maybe make a splash in the free agent pool (aren’t ya glad you whiffed on Crawford last season!?!?!). I’m pullin’ for the Angels to get back to the top of the AL West in 2012. It’s hard not to like them.

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